Creating a Character

Ghosts in Iqador, when they do appear, are not mindless specters of revenge.  They are at least as intelligent as any regular living being and can gain their own special kinds of adventurer classes.

Available Races: Human, dwarf, elf, half-elf, orc, half-orc.
(Orc characters use the “Orcs and Characters” rules from the Monster Manual, though forgoing the Daylight Sensitivity.)
(If you want to play a race other than these, please contact me first.)

As all player characters in Dark Haunt are restless spirits, they must choose one of the following as their class.  Players will see, however, that there are quite a few options open even within these limited choices.

Ghostwalk Campaign Classes



Eidolons have excellent fighting ability…The greatest benefit of the eidolon class is the rapid acquisition of ghost feats, which allow each individual ghost to progress along a particular path toward advanced ghost abilities.

Eidolons are essentially straight conversions of the Fighter class in the Player’s Handbook, including a full BAB progression, although with a good Will save (!) instead of Fortitude save. However, they must choose [Ghost] type feats instead of the regular [Fighter] ones.

Eidolons in Iqador are proficient with all simple and martial weapons and with all armor (heavy, medium, and light) and shields (including tower shields), as per a normal fighter. Ghosts will have opportunity to use such items in Iqador.



Eidoloncers are poor fighters and have few skills. Their greatest gift is to advance their spellcasting ability, although they gain a few ghost feats as well.

Eidolons are essentially straight conversions of the Wizard class in the Player’s Handbook.  Since they are intended for a player who already has ranks in a spellcasting class, an Iqador player will need to choose a spellcasting class for this to mimic (wizard, sorcerer, cleric, ranger, paladin, bard, druid).

An eidoloncer does not receive any of the mimicked class’s benefits beyond spellcasting progression.  This includes having a familiar (wizards) and spontaneous casting (clerics and druids).  He does keep, however, number of spells known and number of spells prepared/cast per day.  The best way to envision the Iqador eidoloncer is as a sort of a prestige class of its base class.

As such, eidoloncers are a remarkably poor choice for classes that depend on such boosts, such as Rangers or Paladins.  Sorcerers and Wizards would have the least to lose overall from selecting this class.

Eidoloncers are also proficient with whatever weapons and armor that their chosen mimicked class would be (simple weapons for sorcerers, martial weapons for rangers, etc.).

Other House Rules concerning Ghostwalk classes:

The Ghostwalk Campaign was designed for party members who died halfway through their adventures.  As we are starting from scratch as ghosts, there are a few changes to be made, if you are considering one of these classes:

  • Contrary to what is stated in the book, you can and are taking ranks in these classes as your first-level.  Therefore, your initial level gets 4 times the usual skill points, as normal.
  • Feats that require a specific character history (e.g. “Education” requires that the character be raised in Tereppek) instead only require the player to amend their character’s personal history in a manner suitable for Iqador.
  • All feats overtly involving Ectoplasm  are banned.  We will not be using Ectoplasm in this campaign, which is thematically contrary to the idea of Iqador souls as purely incorporeal.  As such, banned feats are: Ectoplasm, Ghost Healing, Shape Ectoplasm, Temper Ectoplasm.  (If you are really interested in the Shaper route, you should look at the following classes from Incarnum, which can do similar things.)

Magic of Incarnum Classes

The eidolon and eidoloncer are ghostly imitations of what a player might have been in real life.  “Meldshapers,” on the other hand, have learned how to craft their very soul energy into new and wonderful tools.



As an incarnate, you can expect to serve both a melee role and a supporting role by aiding other characters with your aligned aura and your soulmelds. In certain situations you are as strong a fighter as a paladin, though you suffer more when out of your element.

Incarnates are similar to paladins, though they embody pure alignments (Lawful, Chaotic, Good, Evil) instead of gods.



As a soulborn, you serve an adventuring party as a strong melee combatant. Your soulmelds and related abilities serve to enhance your performance in battle without distracting you from striking at an opponent just about every round of combat.

Soulborns are a bit more like standard fighters than Incarnates, though with plenty of special boosts as well.

Update: As the Soulborn is arguably stunted in comparison to the other meldshapers, the following boosts will be made to the class:

  • All numbers in the Soulmeld/Essentia/Chakra Binds table will be increased by 1.
  • A Soulborn’s meldshaper level is now equal to his or her class level (instead of only half).



As a totemist, you have close ties to nature similar to those of a druid or ranger, but your power is drawn from incarnum rather than divine magic. Your soulmelds primarily serve to give you new capabilities in combat, mostly new melee attack forms. Several soulmelds increase your defenses and a few improve your ranged attacks, but in general you belong in the front lines of combat, slashing your opponents with displacer beast tentacles before teleporting away like a blink dog.

Totemists are similar to druids, but they use their sympathy with animals to enhance their combat abilities.


Thanks to events in game, the following classes are also now available for training or cross-training in:

  • Warlock (Complete Arcane) “…a warlock invokes powerful magic through nothing more than an effort of will.”
  • Binder (Tome of Magic) “Characters who use this form of magic gain power by making pacts with powerful creatures.”
  • Shadowcaster (Tome of Magic) “The shadowcaster understands the true, primal power of darkness, attunes herself the Plane of Shadow, and learns great shadow mysteries the equal of any mundane spell.”
  • Truenamer (Tome of Magic) “You will speak words of power so potent that the cosmos will rearrange itself to match their meaning.”