New and Altered Monsters


For many of the creatures encountered on Iqador’s Shadow Plane, monsters published in various Monster Manuals fit naturally and can be used with minimal reskinning. (The Aberration, Construct, Magical Beast, and Undead types are the most appropriate for the setting.) Others, however, take a little more work for their intended roles.

Following are the descriptions and stats for monsters that been modified from their original forms or built from scratch. They are listed in order of appearance in the story, rather than by CR level.

scary shadow

Lesser Shadow Swarm (CR 1)

Intended as an encounter for a 1st-level party, this creature is a mixture of the “Skiurid” from Monster Manual IV and Swarm traits.

A lesser shadow swarm appears as a small flickering area of darkness that moves quickly between poorly-illuminated areas.  It seeks to ambush other creatures in the darkest areas possible, where it can remain hidden while attacking.  It immediately flees if confronted by artificial illumination.

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Phase Spider (CR 5)

Unlike the creatures from the Monster Manual, Phase Spiders in Iqador only inhabit the Shadow Plane and attack creatures there. They do not shift from the Ethereal to the Material and back again. As such, replace the “Ethereal Jaunt” ability with the “Spring Attack” feat and play accordingly.

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Shadow Steam Mare (CR 6)

A Shadow Steam Mare is a nightmarish perversion of the Iqadorian workhorse, combining the toughness of the Warforged Charger (Monster Manual III, p.191) with the vile hunger of the Half-Vampire template (Libris Mortis, p.107), along with a few feat substitutions.

If in combat, a Shadow Steam Mare is a frenzied, insane creature that seeks only to siphon the life directly from its opponents. If it has space, it will use its Powerful Charge to inflict heavy damage, transitioning immediately to an Improved Grab, and finally ending its turn by sapping its target’s Constitution score via Blood Drain. As it is a mindless husk, it cannot be communicated with and will not flee combat. If it is encountered by a party less than level 6, NPCs should be introduced to help level the playing field.

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the sphinx

The “Sphinx”

An accidental production by a well-meaning cult, the “Sphinx” embodies blind, unreasoning hunger. Its preferred attack (like the Tendriculos it’s drawn from) is to grapple and swallow its prey whole.








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undead_assaulter_by_pabelbilly-d34r4s2Undead Construct (Template)

Veritan creatures like the Cherubim, the regular Steam Mares, and even full power suits are created by taking a similar creature as the base type and applying a modified Undead/Construct template.

To keep the template simple for application, most changes are simply additions to the base creature’s stats, rather than replacements. As such, the new creature retains the old saves and skills. The only exception is the HD, which advance to d12s (as per the undead template) and the extra HP (as per the construct template).




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