Alternative Forms of Magic


Thanks to the Great Disjunction, the use of spells and magic is an inherently dangerous practice on the plane of Iqador. Nevertheless, many continue studying dark arts and rituals, hoping to achieve results without exacting the bloody prices.

Over the course of centuries, a number of “alternative” schools of magic have been discovered. Avoiding the use of spells or spell-like abilities, hidden occultist groups practiced their dark arts in secret.

  • Incarnum (Meldshaper, Magic of Incarnum.) “Essentia is the substance of a character’s personal soul energy. Everybody has it, but only some characters learn to manipulate it to enhance magical effects.”
    Restless spirits are the most common practitioners of this school, as they are most in touch with their soul energy.
  • Evocations (Warlock, Complete Arcane.) “…a warlock invokes powerful magic through nothing more than an effort of will.”
    Many consider this school of magic a failed foray, as many of a warlock’s abilities are spell-like and still demand sacrifice. However, a warlock has many abilities that are not spell-like, in addition to a number of useful surprises.
  • Pact Magic (Binder, Tome of Magic.) “Characters who use this form of magic gain power by making pacts with powerful creatures.”
    It is not currently known if the “vestiges” summoned are independent entities or merely echoes of the binder’s wishes on the Shadow Plane. Nevertheless, the powers gained are very real.
  • Shadow Magic (Shadowcaster, Tome of Magic.) “The shadowcaster understands the true, primal power of darkness, attunes herself the Plane of Shadow, and learns great shadow mysteries the equal of any mundane spell.”
    Shadowcasters are the most attuned of all spellcasters to the mysteries of the Shadow Realm, from which all magic originates. They understand the fundamental workings of the spiritual in a manner others can only dream of.
  • Truename Magic (Truenamer, Tome of Magic.) “You will speak words of power so potent that the cosmos will rearrange itself to match their meaning.”
    Truenamers claim to understand mysteries of the cosmos even deeper than those of the Shadow Realm. They claim to see the very “truenames” of things, or the building blocks of reality itself.