Allowed Sourcebooks



Initially, the following sourcebooks are allowed for the Dark Haunt campaign.

  • Player’s Handbook 3.5
  • Dungeon Master’s Guide 3.5
  • Monster Manual (I)

This includes all material that can be found inside, such as feats and skills (although things like items are subject to their availability in the game world).

Helpful note: Although I have .pdf versions of the above, it’s much easier to just read through/search, which mirrors the above content.

Additional Sourcebooks:

Other sourcebooks will be made available as the campaign progresses.  A list of unlocked sourcebooks will be kept here.

September 8, 2013:

Ghostwalk Campaign (3.5) (A more complete explanation of what exactly is allowed from this book is explained here.)

Magic of Incarnum (3.5)

July 13, 2014:

Complete Arcane (3.5) (Warlock class, new feats and spells)

Tome of Magic (3.5)

Character Sheets

There are many different and free character sheet versions available on the internet.  The one below is the revised version published by Wizards of the Coast for 3.5.  It’s helpful because it’s arranged well, lists many options not often found (stats on animal companions, for example), and is scale-able depending on what class you’re playing.  (Non-magic users, for example, only need pages 1,2, and 4.)

D&D Character Sheets <

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