Lux Æterna – The City of “Brass and Glass”


Lux Æterna, the de facto capital of the nation of Veritan, lies on the western coast of the continent of Iqador.  It was built atop a small mountain delta that splits a coastal river in two, perfect in both utility and grandeur.

Although its full name technically means “Eternal Light,” it is more commonly referred to as the “City of Brass and Glass.”  Veritan technology uses an abundance of both materials, and the capital city has always been the best place to gain appreciation for their steampunk/art deco style.

However, the affluence of Veritan technology does not extend far beyond its wealthiest sectors.  Gradually sloping from the top of its mountain (the most inland point) to the sea below, Lux is naturally broken into three distinct sectors:

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The King’s Way (Royal Quarter)

Home to the seat of Veritan government, the King’s Way houses both the Parliament and the palace of the Emperor himself.  All state-sponsored establishments quarter here, including the prestigious Emperor Theodius University; the Grand Library of Ulfgar Stonecutter; and the Royal Guard, the Emperor’s finest and most loyal defenders.

The residents of King’s Way take pride in both their station and their appearance. Here you will find the best examples of cutting-edge Veritan technology in use, including ninety percent of all Steam Mares in Lux.

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The Upper Commons

Upstanding citizens without direct connections to royalty or aristocracy generally find themselves settling in the Upper Commons, the largest district of the city of Lux and home to most of the industry and commerce.  As those of the royal quarter address concerns of the empire at large, the Upper Commons has its own version of most establishments there.  These includes its own University of Caythe; lesser but respectable libraries; and the City Watch, a militia-style police force.

As space is limited in the city of Lux, the Upper Commons has been stacked in some places into a confusing three-dimensional maze.  Long-term residents will be familiar with the tortuous routes, but visitors would do well to hire a local guide for their daily excursions.

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The Lower Commons

Sometimes derisively called “The Squalor” by those who don’t live there, the Lower Commons collect the detris of civilization and humanity from the other echelons of society.  Those who have fallen on hard times can be found here, along with the shunned, the outcast, and those still clinging to outmoded vestiges of superstition. The criminal, the diseased, and the mentally insane can also be encountered openly here, when they would be normally shunned or pulled from the streets in other districts.

The population in the Lower Commons is far too high for the land afforded, and it increases every year.  Luckily, the harbor is flat, shallow, and firm. Enterprising souls have extended the natural boundaries of the city out into the water, creating a ramshackle Venice of sorts.  This has created another fascinating cityscape unique to Lux (though tourists are encourage to give the entire district a wide berth, however picturesque it may be).

lower commons canal


Outlying Districts and Farmland.

Often not detailed on formal maps of the city, there are numerous outlying districts and townships that surround the pseudo-island of Lux.  They are responsible for much of the incoming food and simple trade items that receive little fanfare, though they are are no less vital to survival.  Residents here enjoy more freedoms than they would have in the city, though with less protection from wild animals and outlaws.